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Special education (Support unit)

Special Education Unit Overview

The Kingswood High Special Education Unit stands as an integral and highly valued facility within our broader school community. Devoted to nurturing the potential of up to 60 students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities and/or Autism, we are dedicated to providing a supportive environment that goes beyond academic excellence.

We make sure to plan carefully, helping students move smoothly into our Special Education Unit and then into the wider community. This careful planning shows how committed we are to creating programs that suit the different needs of our students in areas like education, social skills, physical activities, and job preparation.

Currently comprising two Mild Intellectual Disability (IM) classes and three Multi-Categorical (MC) classes, the Special Education Unit plays a vital role in the academic, physical, social and emotional development of our students. Entry into the Special Education Unit involves a careful evaluation through the Placement Panel at the Penrith Network Office in Nirimba, ensuring alignment with the individual needs of each student.

Our curriculum primarily revolves around accessing the curriculum via Life Skills Courses, yet students meeting integration criteria may find opportunities for mainstream class integration on an individual basis. The placement of students into classes is a collaborative effort, taking into account their strengths, abilities and weaknesses, aiming to provide them with opportunities to reach their maximum potential.

With a focus on fostering an environment that is interesting, challenging, orderly, purposeful, safe, productive, positive and enjoyable, our programs strive to create a platform for independent learning and responsibility. The collaborative approach involves students, parents, staff and the community, reinforcing our commitment to a holistic learning experience.

Class allocations are meticulously determined, with adjustments made early to mid-term 1, if necessary, ensuring that students are placed in an environment best suited to their evolving needs. 

For all inquiries regarding the Special Education Unit, please feel free to contact Frances Cassettari (Miss Cass) via phone at 02 4736 1202 or through email at . We welcome the opportunity to share more about our commitment to fostering an inclusive and enriching educational experience for all.

Contacting your child's teacher

The Special Education staff are happy to talk and/or meet with parent/carers but we ask that parent/carers phone the school and make an appointment to ensure they speak with the teacher at a convenient time.

All parent/carers must register at the Front Office on their immediate arrival to Kingswood High School where an office staff member will contact the appropriate teacher. If you have any questions please contact your child's classroom teacher as soon as possible.

We are always happy to speak with parents, so should you have any questions now, or in the future, please contact us on (02) 4736 1202 (switch operates between 8 am and 2:45 pm) at your earliest convenience.


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2024 start dates and important information

2024 Interactive Online Program 10-12O & 7-9N

2024 Interactive Online Program 10-12F, 9G & 7-9K

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2024 7-9K

2024 7-9N

2024 9G

2024 10-12O

2024 10-12F Mainstream

2024 10-12F

Community Access

The Unit recognises the importance of students accessing their local community in order to gain independence.
Community access encompasses:

  • Road safety awareness
  • Travel Training
  • Drivers' Education
  • Utilising local facilities
  • Excursions
  • After school social club
  • School and Inter-school sporting carnivals and Camps

School to Work Transition Program

Students' preparation for the workforce commences in year 7 where students develop basic work ethics and social competence.

As students progress they may enter into 1 or more of the follow programs:

  • Class based ‘Work Skills' Program
  • In-school Work Experience Program
  • Small Group Work Experience Program with direct teacher supervision
  • Independent Work Experience

School to Work Transition is addressed within each of the key curriculum areas

NOVA Transition invites you to a School to Employment Taster Day

Do you have a disability?
Are you finishing school soon?
Want to explore your post school options?

  • Hear from previous students and their journey to employment with NOVA Transition & NOVA Employment
  • Explore and try out NOVA Transition activities
  • Learn more about how to transition to award wage employment within the general community

Policies and Programs

To view the Work Experience Readiness Policy please read more

To view the Work Experience Program Overview please read more

Special Education Homework Policy

Events/ Activities


Post School Options

The Support Unit maintains close links with specialist Service providers that cater for support students including;

  • TAFE, Disability Consultants - read more
  • Employment Agencies,
  • Training Course providers, and Adult Training, Learning and Support Services for people with an intellectual disability.
  • Supported Employment Service Providers - read more 
  • ADHC-(Aging, Disability and Home Care) - read more
  • Disability Employment Network Services - read here 
  • ADHC Funding Process and Programs