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Location and transport

Find out about our location and transport details to make getting to school safe and easy.

Our school is located at:

Getting to and from school safely

As a parent or carer, it’s your responsibility to get your child to and from school safely. Student safety is our priority.

Keep our school community safe by:

  • driving and parking safely, even if it means parking further away and walking the rest of the way to school
  • being a good role model
  • never calling your child from across the road
  • using the safest place to cross the road.

131 Bringelly Road

Kingswood NSW 2747

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Staff car park

The staff car park located at the entrance to the school is for staff and authorised vehicles only. Parents who drive their children to and from school should use the Smith Street entrance to drop off or pick up their children and not the staff carpark. The carpark does become congested and traffic moving in the opposite direction to the normal flow causes serious problems.

Likewise, for the safetly of our studends, it is against school rules for students to walk through the carpark. The entry and exit onto Bringelly Road is very dangerous due to the curve south of the carpark. The carpark is out of bounds to all students during school hours.

Subsidised school travel

Transport for NSW provides subsidies to assist school students.

  • The School Student Transport Scheme provides eligible students with free or subsidised travel on public transport between home and school.
  • The School Drive Subsidy may help towards the costs of driving children to school if you live in an area where there is no public transport.

Bus travel

Eligible students can apply for a free School Opal card. All students travelling with a student Opal card are subject to the students' code of conduct. The bus drivers and the principal have the authority to remove cards from any student who has behaved in an unsatisfactory manner on any journey.

Parents and students should note that the privilege of having free travel can be withdrawn at any time. The rules are based on safety, courtesy and consideration for others. The school expects students to realise the importance of biding by these rules. Students must wait in a safe and orderly manner, show adults full courtesy, not put themselves or others at risk and avoid noisy and disruptive behaviour.

The comfort and convenience of others must be considered at all times. Bus drivers will remove from the bus any student who misbehaves. Bus drivers will confiscate the travel pass of any student whose behaviour is unsatisfactory and will return it to the principal.

Supervision of bus bay area 

Supervision is provided at bus bay for all students catching school route buses. Parents need to encourage students to catch these buses as no supervision will be provided for students catching later buses that are not on school routes.

Bus bay

This is for the sole use of buses. Private cars should not enter to park or use as a turning bay. This will ensure the safety of all students at all times.

Please download the School Zone Offences document and the information contained regarding illegal parking on and around the pedestrian crossing and illegal driving practices outside the school.

Bicycles, scooters and skateboards

'Bike Bay' conditions of use 

Students who ride to school must leave their 'wheels' and helmets in the 'bike bay' compound at the back of the administration block near the entrance to the library (before 8:15am).   All bikes, scooters and skateboards and helmets must be secured to a bike rack with an approved bike lock to prevent theft.....LOCK IT or LOSE IT