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Bring your own device

Technology at Kingswood High School (BYOD)

Welcome to our school’s BYOD program page! Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a term used to describe a program where students bring their personal electronic devices to school for educational purposes. At our school, we have implemented a BYOD program that aims to enhance student learning and engagement in the classroom.

Kingswood High School is committed to providing a rich and engaging learning experience for every child whilst constantly striving for ever greater academic achievement. Digital learning opportunities are critical in order to prepare students for the modern workplace. Most schools now expect students to bring a device and have a BYOD strategy that best meets the needs of their school and community. All Kingswood High School students in Years 7-12 are expected to bring a designated device every day.

At Kingswood High School we are proud to be leaders in innovative educational approaches for future-focused learning. Kingswood High School has operated a highly successful BYOD program since 2016.

See the information below to see what devices we recommend, advice on purchasing a device, information about our Lease To Own Plan, and much more.

If you have any questions or concerns about the BYOD program, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Recommended Device

Where should I buy a device?

Parents have three different options that they can choose when selecting a BYOD Device.

  1. You are able to bring a device that you already own as long as it meets the minimum requirements that are linked here

  2. You are able to purchase a device from a reputable retail store like Officeworks, Harvey Norman, or JBHIFI. If you do decide to select this option most new devices from these stores will meet the requirements but I would highly recommend taking a print out of the requirements into the store with you and showing this to one of the staff. 

  3. The third and probably easiest option is the school’s Lease To Own program, find out more information below.

Lease To Own Program

We recognise that the purchase of a device is a significant financial commitment for some families, especially considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we have implemented a school-funded Chromebook lease-to-own plan, with the school funding part of the initial cost of the device. Although families are free to purchase a device externally to the school, we are confident that this new lease-to-own plan is a great offer for families.

How it works:

- The school purchases the Chromebook for $630*. This year's model is an Acer Spin 511 Chromebook R753TN. 

- The family completes a Student Payment Plan Agreement, found here:

- Family pays annual school fees of $145 over 4 years**, for a total cost of $580. At the end of the lease period, the device is given to the family to keep.

* - Please note that if you started the Lease To Own plan in a previous year the initial Chromebook cost will likely be different.

** - If the student is in Year 10, 11, or 12 this will be over a shorter period, please see the Student payment plan agreement for full details.

KHS Student Home Page

We have made it easier for students to access online resources and services by creating a Student Home Page. Once your child's device is set up by our Technology Support Officer Mr. Lackey, this page will open every time that a new tab is opened. It has quick links to all of the online services that they will need and has guides to help students learn how to access and use these services.

Safe Use of Technology at School and at Home

It is important that your child is safe online. While students are at school they are protected from a lot of the hazards that may be found online but at home they may be at higher risk. Please click the button below for the Australian Government eSafety Commissioner's advice for parents on keeping your child safe online.

Technical Support

What does my child do if they require technical support?

We have a dedicated Technology Support Officer, Mr. Lackey, who is located on the bottom floor of Block A, next door to the library. The best time for students to seek support is during Recess or Lunch.

Contact Details: