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English as an additional language or dialect (EaL/D)

Over 23% of Kingswood High School students come from non-English speaking backgrounds, and many of these students need Engligh language support.


Some of our students come to us straight from the Evans Intensive English Centre, and many come directly from overseas. Some of our English as an additional language or dialect (EaL/D) students have a limited exposure to the English language, and the classroom can be a very confusing place for them. We can help by recognising that the language difficulties they are experiencing are due to the fact English is not their first language and is not an indication of their ability.

At Kingswood High School we are sensitive to the language, cultural and settlement needs of our EaL/D students. Many students from non-English speaking backgrounds use English only at school and speak their first language at home. For many students, the language they encounter in the classroom can seem foreign, and specific learning strategies need to be provided to help these students progress in the mainstream classroom.

EaL/D support is provided by withdrawing students from their mainstream classes in groups of up to four students to do intensive work on the language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. EaL/D support is also provided by team-teaching in mainstream classes and specialised HSC English as a second language (ESL) for Year 11 and Year 12 students.

It is our aim at Kingswood High School to provide a teaching environment where information is presented clearly and logically. EaL/D students need time to absorb and assimilate content and to have their progress and comprehension constantly assessed. All our teachers at Kingswood High School are sensitive to the pedagogical needs of ourĀ EaL/D students and every effort is made to help create a learning environment where our students can thrive.